Le Roux Global is a Multi-Family Office focusing on private wealth management and was established to ensure the family remain at all times aligned with their future objectives and strategic investment strategies. This however goes far beyond just managing family wealth, advisory and investment services, estate planning, tax advisory, succession planning and preparation, philanthropy services, and inheritance of wealth transfer services. The objective was to ensure family wealth remains preserved for the future generations, but also to ensure the family remains focused and driven to grow wealth responsibly and securely. It is important to secure the family’s financial future by building, preserving, and transferring family wealth and legacy to future generations.


The history of the Le Roux Family goes back to the 4th Century BC, (Since 305-BC) with a recorded history of 2328 years the family have sustained its very discrete position in society. The Le Roux bloodline has left deep footprints throughout the history of Europe which includes countries such as Italy, England, France and Germany and retained its alliances with various Royal Families and various Aristocratic families in more than 170 countries. These families have had its associations with the Sovereign House of Le Roux for many generations.